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Pierre Dierckx (finance) 

Pierre started as a service mechanic. For years he has been working on machines himself. Now his job is much more versatile. When you are in need of parts or service, Pierre will take care of it. Cost estimation, subsequent calculation, anything with figures has his interest. You can also contact Pierre for quotations.

Peter Vissers (engineering)

Peter Vissers does not see problems, but sees solutions. When a customer needs a custom-made machine, Peter has the solution. Developing and inventing are his passion! His 40 years of work experience enable him to do so like no other.

Rolf Michiels (sales)

Rolf is every inch a salesman. His approach is from the customer's point of interest. His many years' technical background makes him an expert in the field of machines and product properties. His experience and commitment make him invaluable to his customers