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In order to be able for palletisation Votech has designed a palletiser machine. This palletiser is free programmable. A stack of pallets is placed in the empty pallet container. The fully automatic pallet changer makes sure that empty pallets are being handed to the palletizer machine one at a time. The empty pallet is raised by a lifting table, on to which a layer of bags is placed by means of layout tables. This cycle is repeated until the number of programmed bags is placed on the pallet.

The pallet with bags can be pressed against the bottom of the table, so a sturdy pallet is created. . The pallet is transported further by means of roller conveyers. The palletiser machine can optionally be equipped with a shank. This shank is often used for disposing sacks that do not match well with the pallet dimensions. Palletisation is necessary for easy transporting the pallets in containers or trucks.