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Palletiser Machine

Votech's palletiser machine can stack sacks on pallets. The sacks can be made of paper, plastic, polypropene and/or jute. The Palletizer machine is free programmable. This means that up to twelve sacks in a layer can be created by the operator himself. The stack height can be up to 3,000 mm. The machine is standard equipped with an automatic empty pallet changing system, so idleness is prevented when changing a pallet.

The palletizing machine has two different kind of types: the conventional model and a cross stacking model. The conventional model palletizer machine has a very high capacity of up to even 2,500 sacks per hour. The palletiser machine with the gripper has the possibility to cross stack sacks on the pallet. This model is often deployed when sack sizes do not match well with the pallet sizes, but still the sacks should be within the pallet dimensions.