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Additional options

Each machine has different options. This page offers you an impression of the many possibilities. Would you like to know if we can meet your requirements? Please contact our experienced machine builders!
We can expand each machine with additional options. We have standard options, but we can also design an option that solves your specific problem. Take the sack filling machine: there are several possibilities. A sticker on the sack? No problem. Sacks with a side fold, an extra weigh check, or accurate content metal detection? Anything is possible.
The other machines are also expandable as desired. The palletizer can be adjusted for handling plastic foil. The layers will then be neatly separated from each other. We can design the stretch cover machine for different pallet sizes. In short: many adjustments are possible. We are not fixed on our products, but look into how to solve your problem best. Please contact us for questions or further information.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.