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Dosing and weighing

Not one product is the same. Product features are being analyzed very closely in advance. The particular dosing system depends on the product features. Net and gross dosing systems are possible. When the product dosing isn't based on weight it is also possible to provide a volume dosing system. 

Net weighing system

The product is being dosed till a precize weight into a net weighing bunker. Than the product is deposited in a bag at once. Votech uses her own weighing bunker which is placed onto loadcells. It is possible to place a double net weighing system which results into a higher capacity. 

Gross weighing system

With this system the entire bag is weighed during dosing. The weighing system is integrated in the spout. This system is especially designed for products who need a controlled dosing, like powdery products.

Gross dosing system
Gross dosing system

Dosage type                                                                                                 

Horizontal dosing screw:

This system constists a large and small dosing screw. For a coarse- and fine dosage. The dosingscrews are easy to clean beceause of a good accessability. 

*Enforceable in Stainless Steel 304

Dosing belt

A closed conveyor belt is dosing the product. This system type is often used with volume dosing.

* Enforceable in Stainless Steel 304

Vibratory feeder

Dosing system using a vibratory feeder. The system can be extended by a coarse- and fine vibratory feeder. This system is easy to clean.

* Enforceable in Stainless Steel 304

Gravity feeder

The opening for a controlled product supply is being created by a valve in the shape of a halve moon. By use of a cilinder a coarse- or finedosing opening is created. This system is also enforceable with a servo engine. The opening for product supply will be adjusted by a servo engine. This results in a more accurate dosing. When producing a various amount of products the servo controlled dosing system is highly recommended. 

* Enforceable in Stainless Steel 304

Vertical screw dosing

This is a gross dosing system. The system consists a bunker with a underneath a vertical screw placed into a round tube. The product goes from the bunker into the vertical screw. The screw is closed by a cone.  The size of the opening between the cone and the screw determines the dosing accuracy. The opening is ajdusted by a servo engine.

* Standard execution in Stainless Steel 304

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