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Vertical Form Fill Sealer

High capacity packaging machine suitable for free flowing as non-free flowing products as well. Machine is perfect for the following products:

- Potting soil, peat and bark
- Woodpellets
- Granulates
- Salts 
- Sand and grit
- Feed
- And similar products

* The machine is suitable for free flowing products as non-free flowing products as well

Benefits vertical form fill sealer

  • High capacity
  • Continuous foil moving
  • Gusset bags 
  • Volume- or weight dosing
  • Low maintenance 
  • Very robust 

Extra options

  • Inktjetprinter
  • Thermo transfer printer
  • Corner seal unit
  • Seal temperature compensation system
  • Product presser
  • Product de-aeration unit
  • Vario formingset
  • Micro perforation
  • To be carried out as balingpress 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.