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Tubular foil bagging line

Tubular bagging machine
Tubular bagging machine

Tubular bag filling machine is robust machine for filling tubular bags. The machine is using a axial mechanism which results in a smood handling and high capacity.  The machine is able to fill the following products:

- Potting soil, peat and bark
- Premixes
- Granulates
- Woodpellets
- Salts and fertilizers
- Sand and grit
- And similar products

* The machine is suitable for free flowing products as non-free flowing products as well.  

Benefits of the Votech
Tubular bagging machine

  • Very robust
  • High capacity
  • Short changeover time
  • Low-dust packaging
  • Low maintenance  
  • Suitable for bags with gusset
  • Possible for volume dosage
    and dosage on weight


Extra options

  • Inktjetprinter
  • Corner seal unit
  • Handle punch
  • Product presser
  • INOX 304 execution
  • Product de-aeration unit
  • Planting hole punch
  • Perforation
  • Bag leak detection

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.