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Palletizer VPB (for cross stacking bags and boxes)

Palletiser VPB, for cross stacking bags
Palletiser VPB, for cross stacking bags

Palletizer VPB is a flexible machine which is suitable for:
- Cross stacking bags
- Stacking boxes, crates and trays
- Stacking fresh produce products like onions, carrots and potatoes

Turning head
Turning head
Stacking boxes
Stacking boxes
Stacking box
Stacking box

Benefits Votech
Palletizer VPB

  • Robustly built
  • Compact, small footprint
  • Suitable for various palletsizes
  • High capacity 
  • 500 free adjustable menu's
  • Graphic display
  • Low maintainance 
  • Stacking up to 2.500 mm

Extra options

  • Stacking bags and/or boxes
  • Stackingbox
  • Sheetdispenser (cardboard or foil)
  • Glue unit
  • Inclined conveyor
  • Telescopic conveyor
  • (extra) empty palletstorage 

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