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Conventional stacking palletizer machine

Palletiser VPC, Conventional stacking
Palletiser VPC, Conventional stacking

The bags are being positioned by a manipulator. Than the bags are slided on to the table into a complete layer.    

Benefits Votech
Palletiser VPC

  • Robustly built
  • High capacity
  • 500 free adjustable menu's
  • Graphic display
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for various palletsizes
  • Stacking up to 2.500 mm
  • 5-50 Kg

Extra options

  • Stacking box
  • Sheetdispenser (cardboard and foil)
  • Glue unit
  • (extra) empty palletstorage
  • Inclined conveyor and/or bag lift
  • Bag flattener
  • Air support
  • Düsseldorf pallets 

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