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Benefits Votech 
Stretchhood machine

  • Suitable for various pallet sizes 
  • Works with bad quality pallets
  • Suitable for different types of film
  • 20% film reduction
  • Protection against dust and water
  • Automatic pallet height measurement
  • High capacity
  • Film is mechanically opened
  • 100% cover
  • Suitable for cold and warm products

Extra options

  • Palletsize is automatically adjustable
  • Extra film roll(s)
  • Film roll crane
  • Condensation holes
  • Düsseldorf pallets 

How does the stretchhood machine work?

The Stretchhood machine ensures that the stacked bags on the pallets are provided with a cover. This allows more stable pallets in which the bags are protected against moisture and dust.

With this machine Votech can provide your pallets effectively with a cover. 

The effective and also felexible operation of the stretch hood machine has to do with specially developed techniques. For example, the opening of the foil is non-vacuum, but done purely mechanically. As a result, the machine is less dependent on factors such as, temperature, humidity, static film and drafts. By expanding to a second film roll it is also possible the cover Düsseldorf pallets. The film is retained during the entire cycle, so that a 100% cover can be guaranteed.

The stretch hood machine has full pallet support, allowing lower quality of pallets can easily be provided a cover. The machine is easy to operate and adjust precisely. This has to do with the frequency controlled tensioning arms which  can be set on the display individually.

Covering hot products no problem because of the condensation holes in the stretch film!
Condensation holes in stretch film
Condensation holes in stretch film

When hot products are provided with a plastic cover condensation arises under the film. In order to ensure that this condensate can escape through the foil Votech has integrated a system that provides holes in the stretch film. In consultation with the client to implement this system can be further discussed.

The big advantage is that this system can be switched on and off by means of a simple operation on the display! This allows hot and cold products can easily be covered trough eachother.

Storing pallets outside
Storing pallets outside
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