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Votech's service is more than the sales of new machines or spare parts. We understand your point of view. Therefore we limit idleness to an absolute minimum!
Votech gives customer support in the following ways:
Hotline: 24/7, 365 days per year.
Excellent machine and product knowledge from our service mechanics.
Almost all parts in stock.
Preventive maintenance, because prevention is better than cure.
Desirable service agreements.
Professional service advice.
Thorough training of your staff.
Support at distance, anywhere in the world.
Votech's maintenance is more than just replacing a bearing or tightening a chain. Doesn't it happen over time now and again that a machine does not meet the output anymore? When performing maintenance, Votech focuses on restoring the machine to speed without losing continuity.

Spare parts for obsolete machines

Votech also has several parts in stock for your outdated machines:

-Sigmatek PG40

-Sigmatek PG50

-AND 4325A Weighing Indicator
Please contact us should you have any questions about our service: our experienced technicians gladly offer you swift and correct advice!