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Votech implements its products in various industries. This results in a wide ranche of applications. Where you should think of? its too much to mention, but following you will find a selection:

- Potting soil, peat, bark and woodpellets
- Feed and petfood
- Fresh produce (onions, carrots, potatoes and similar)
- Granulates, fertilizers and compounds
- Salts
- Premixes
- (milk) powders
- Sand and gravel
- Similar products 
Potting soil, peat, bark and woodpellets
Votech integrates robust and reliable machines within these industries for a long time. 

Animal feed / Petfood

 Votech is a specialist in processing, packing and palletising these type of products. Votech is engineering and producing its machines in house, which makes her very flexible. Flexibility and diversity are very important aspects in this branche. 

Fresh produce (onions, carrots, potatoes and similar)

The palletiser of Votech has been further developed which makes it easy to integrate in to the fresh produce market for stacking bags with onions, carrots, potatoes and similar products. 

Bags, boxes, crates and trays will be stacked whitout any problems by this machine. 

Granulates, fertilizers and compounds

 Votech has much experience with this branche. Single machines and complete turnkey projects as well are successfully integrated at this time.  

Food products

Food products for human consumption are being processed whitin this sector. Votech has developed its machines very hygienic.