Fully automatic pallet outfeed and sorting system installed. As a result, our customer is ready for the future to be able to buffer efficiently at high production capacities.

We see more and more often that companies choose to buy a stretch hooder instead of a wrapper or a shrink machine. Shrink machines are very expensive in terms of energy consumption because the hood shrink by means of heat. And a wrapped pallet is never completely watertight.

The Votech stretchhooder cover, on the other hand, consists of one whole and is therefore 100% water/dustproof. And it is fitted with energy-saving motors.

The Votech stretchhooder can handle more than 100 pallets per hour and saves about 20% foil because the foil is stretched vertically over the pallet.

In addition, the Votech stretchhooder can be equipped with multiple film rolls, making the machine suitable for processing multiple pallet sizes. (Euro, Blok, Düsseldorf, CP etc.)

Votech specialises in the development and production of filling machines, palletisers and stretchhooders.
Our strength in this is that we have everything under one roof, we can design the machines according to your wishes such as the size of your building, capacity etc.
In addition, each project will have its own project manager, where you can deal with all your issues during the preparation, installation and after delivery of the project.
In short, we have everything you need to carry out your project.

The bag filling machines below have been developed for manually filling, and can be supplied with various dosages/options.

Votech has grown considerably in recent years. That is why expansion of the office building was necessary. The current office has been expanded by 200 m2. 

Last 1.5 months they have been working hard to get the construction finished in mid-May. This is well on schedule and we expect to be able to move into this office. The office is equipped with a climate control system to provide our employees with ideal working conditions.


We would like to thank our customers and suppliers, because of you we can continue to produce and deliver our machines despite the current circumstances. 💪🏽

We recently commissioned this project with 3 bag filling machines, 3 palletisers and 1 stretch hooder. The machines will pack various types of mixes.