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Votech: specialised in customizing your packaging!

  • Votech: specialised in customizing your packaging!
  • Votech’s packaging machines are developed and produced completely in-house.
  • Since the establishment in 2011, Votech has realised over 750 projects.
  • We are based in Reusel, where we develop and produce our machines to deliver them worldwide.
  • A team of 35 all-round technicians, people who are passionate about technical engineering, stand by to offer you support.
  • Service helpdesk 24/7, 365 days per year.


Partnership Votech/Fischbein International

Duravant Acquires Votech, European-based Bagging Automation Equipment Provider Engineered equipment leader Duravant expands bag management and palletizing offerings with Packaging segment acquisition Downers Grove, IL – February 22,…

Votech stretchhooder with automatic foil adjustment

We designed this stretchhooder for our client because he has several packaging lines where different types of pallets are handled. You can imagine that a small Düsseldorf pallet needs a smaller film than a large block pallet. Our…

Complete turn-key project in Sweden

Last week we started with the installation of a complete turn-key project for the peat industry. For this project we are taking care of: - The product supply to the packaging machines - The packaging machines for the potting soil - Palletising…

Custom-made bag filling machine installed!

Our customer faced the problem that his space was limited and his customers wanted to pack products in both tubular film bags and open mouth bags. We discussed the problem with our customer and looked at the possibilities. We designed…

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