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Votech: specialised in customizing your packaging!

  • Votech: specialised in customizing your packaging!
  • Votech’s packaging machines are developed and produced completely in-house.
  • Since the establishment in 2011, Votech has realised over 750 projects.
  • We are based in Reusel, where we develop and produce our machines to deliver them worldwide.
  • A team of 35 all-round technicians, people who are passionate about technical engineering, stand by to offer you support.
  • Service helpdesk 24/7, 365 days per year.


Custom-made bag filling machine installed!

Our customer faced the problem that his space was limited and his customers wanted to pack products in both tubular film bags and open mouth bags. We discussed the problem with our customer and looked at the possibilities. We designed…

Two hygienic bag filling machines for powders delivered!

We equipped these two bag filling machines with a servo driven vertical dosing screw so that dosing can be done very accurately and the dust formation around the filling point is nil. The empty bag is placed around the vertical dosing screw…

Pallet outfeed/sorting system installed!

Fully automatic pallet outfeed and sorting system installed. As a result, our customer is ready for the future to be able to buffer efficiently at high production capacities.

The Votech Stretchhooder

We see more and more often that companies choose to buy a stretch hooder instead of a wrapper or a shrink machine. Shrink machines are very expensive in terms of energy consumption because the hood shrink by means of heat. And a wrapped pallet…

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